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Porta Potty Rentals-Palm Beach County’s Septic Tank Repair, Installation, & Pumping Service Experts-We offer Septic Service & Repairs, Septic Tank Installations, Septic Tank Cleaning, Commercial, Septic System, Drain Cleaning, Line Snaking, Portable Toilet, Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning, Septic Tank Pumping, Sewage Pump, Sewer Line Repair, Septic Tank Replacement, Septic Maintenance, Sewer Line Replacement, Porta Potty Rentals

At least at one point in time, most of us have used the porta-potty. These portable toilets mainly serve the purpose of bathroom amenities in an area where there is no plumbing or the need for restrooms is low. When it comes to maintaining these units, there will always be a lot to be done.

Considering the customer services will be of great importance when it comes to the renting of the porta-potty. Unless you do the emptying and cleaning by yourself, you will always need the services of a professional.

When you consider working with these specialists from companies like Palm Beach Septic Tank and Sewer Team, they will be able to play a significant role. They will let you know the number of units you will need and also the charges you will be paying regarding the rental

Therefore, are you planning an outdoor event and you are worried about the type of facilities you will need to provide your guests?  Besides all these facilities you will require to make the event a success, sanitary needs to be one of your basics. Ensure you are choosing portable restrooms that are helping meet the needs of your guests as well as hygienic conditions.

Things to consider when renting the porta-potty.

Choosing the right company

There exist so many companies that offer porta potty rental services. It could be a bit challenging to select the right company to meet your needs. However, companies like Palm Beach Septic Tank and Sewer Team will have their information online.

You can choose to go to the internet way to find the right company as most companies are owning websites. All you need to do is go through their websites and look out for their achievement records. You can also make inquiries from friends if they have used the services before. Always ensure that you are selecting a company near your location.

The right number of portable restrooms

When it comes to choosing the number of portable toilets, this will depend on your budget, the number of people going to attend the event, and the kind of event. Since there exists a variety of portable potties in the marketplace, this will help the service providers know which one will be suitable for you.

This may include a mobile shower trailer, mobile restroom trailer, and VIP self-contained portable loo. Also, the large holding tank, deluxe restroom flushing, ADA complaint portable restroom, and the standard portable loo.


 Depending on the kind of event you are holding, there will always be some key features you may want to include. You can choose to upgrade your unit both for the comfort of your guests and for practical purposes.  If your event is extending into the night, you may consider some lighting that will ensure the guests see more clearly.

Also, you can choose to add things like foot-flushing add-ons and handwashing stations, and sanitizers, for cleanliness. This will not only make your event pleasurable but also luxurious.

How often should I get my portable toilet serviced?

Cleanliness of your portable potty is essential. In the case, you will be holding a multi-day event always consider a company that will offer cleaning services on a nightly basis. However, if the distance does not allow, adding more units will mean fewer services.

At one point in time, we all plan for events. Whether meetings, parties, or family gatherings. When you choose to do the events outside, then you should always consider the number of facilities and whether they are enough. Sanitary being key, if you need more sanitary facilities, then the above tips will be a crucial guideline for you landing on the most appropriate.

Outdoor events need a lot of planning from the host. An event planner has to handle each activity in the right way. Event planning comes with so many commitments and hence you can easily forget to take care of sanitary needs. Outdoor events require two or more portable toilets to meet the sanitary needs of people attending.

The number of porta potties depends on the number of guests that you will be having. Porta-potty rentals also serve you perfectly if you have a construction site.  It might be uncomfortable if you don’t find a permanent or temporary structure to meet the call of nature. The property owner cannot put on a permanent toilet yet the gathering is short-lived.


It is so costly to construct a permanent toilet. As a result, Palm Beach Septic Tank and Sewer Team have a solution with the porta-potty rentals. With advancing technology, most people might have come along with porta-potty rentals in the region. These are portable toilets that are most used on outdoor occasions. You can install this equipment anywhere within the property. However, the location should be strategic and easily accessible to the users. You don’t want people having a hard time when trying to access these facilities.

When in need of porta-potty rentals, you have to consider the number of people attending. This information will help you to know the number of units to be put in place. Some of the things to check before going for porta-potty rentals include;

  • Making sure they are in good working conditions.
  • Know to limit range prices for such units and some companies will give you discounts when you take more units.
  • The number of people you are expecting.
  • Best company providing the services and rental terms and conditions
  • Porta-potty rentals appear in different colors and shapes and hence it is advisable to look for a shape that won’t inconvenience users.
  • Ensure that the surfaces are not slippery.
  • They must be well-ventilated and have enough lighting and water supply.
  • Should be made of strong products which are user-friendly.
  • Must be spacious and comfortable.
  • You need porta potties that are clean and well-maintained.

You have to pay close attention to all the above factors when hosting an event. Make sure you choose the best company that offers porta-potty rentals in the city. We have so many firms that offer these services and this makes it tricky to choose the right one. Most businesses are now working online and you can search for the best one on the internet. You can go through several search engines and see different company profiles and the services that they offer. It will help you to determine the one that is worth doing business with. You can also go the old way and ask previous customers who have been using these services. Personal recommendation is one of the best ways to get business referrals. These are people who have their first experience working with a particular brand. You can be sure of getting an objective view of the quality of services that the various companies provide.

Apart from the number of users, the type of event taking place, and the customer’s budget will help you make the right choice for porta-potty rentals. Some of the portable toilets in the market include the large holding tank, mobile restroom trailer, mobile shower trailer, deluxe restroom flushing standard portable loo, VIP self-contained portable loo, and the ADA complaint portable restroom. You can choose any of them depending on your preferences and your financial ability.

Standard restrooms are the most ideal choice for a large number of people. These units come with seat covers, a holding tank, and tissue papers among other accessories. It is also the best alternative if your goal is to provide high-standard restrooms for your guests. Porta potties also hold this basic sanitary facility like a mirror, towel, seat cover, flowers, deodorizer, holding tank, tissue paper, etc. However, some of these additions come at an extra cost. It is advisable to rent porta potties near your area if you want to minimize the cost.

The porta-potty rentals are suitable for outdoor weddings, get-togethers, social events, parties, and other celebrations. ADA compliant movable is usually designed for physically challenged individuals, the aged, and small children. The units come with a holding tank, tissue paper, a towel, and a comfortable seat cover. VIP self-contained movable loos are designed for the guest of honors and special guests in your event. These are more expensive in comparison to the standard loos. The units come with luxurious sanitary facilities like towels, washing stations, holding tanks, tissue paper deodorizers, flowers, and mirrors. Some of them have smooth music inside to entertain your guests.

The right porta potties will give your guests comfort and make them feel safe as long as you maintain high levels of hygiene. The costs vary from one company to another and depend on the quality of the toilets and rental duration.

You need to consider several things before going for porta-potty rentals. First, you have to ensure that you have the right number of units to cater to guests. Company experts will help you determine the accuracy at which people might be attending your event and the number of units you will need. You can be sure that your users will be happy and comfortable.

You also need to pay close attention to the season of the event. When there is a lot of suns, people tend to consume a lot of water which transforms into high use of these units. It’s advisable in such seasons to put up a restroom trailer. This has the capacity to hold higher stalls on a single trailer. These ensure that large numbers of people are served without messing around with the environment. It will help you serve a large number of people without straining the units. Also, add one or two units to take care of any failures among the porta-potties.

Ensure that the porta-potty rentals are accompanied by a holding tank and a sink. These are small movable sinks that come in handy with the porta-potties. You will use them to maintain hygiene and help reduce infectious diseases. In most cases, people eat during such functions and it’s good to ensure there is enough water to clean their hands after using the porta-potties. One must also have portable dustbins. These should accommodate a large number of hand towels that will ensure that the environment is left clean and tidy. In addition, the person holding the event can also provide extra bins to collect plastic bottles as many people consume water in such events. Setting porta-potty rentals in construction sites. Porta-potty rentals are common features that you will also find in construction sites. Employees will find these units of great use when they want to relieve themselves. You cannot underestimate the role of porta-potty rentals on construction sites.

The first thing to look at is the number of users. One portable toilet is supposed to serve ten persons on average. Once you know the number of persons on the ground, it will be easy to know the units that you need. Make sure that you know tips on how to handle and maintain these rental units. If not, organize with the renting company to help you with the maintenance works. They can be visiting to do cleaning, repair, and other crucial services like disinfecting and pumping out. Their primary responsibility is to deliver and pick the units on time. However, you can get the other services from the company upon request.

Renting conditions tend to vary from one company to another. Some service providers want to know the delivery date and number of units in advance. In such a case, it’s good to make bookings for reservations to avoid last-minute disappointment.  However, if you are an existing client, prior reservations may not be a prerequisite. Other companies will still serve you perfectly even with minimal notice.

Renting costs also vary with different companies that are operating in the same region. The rate depends on the number of units and the company renting. Large porta-potty rentals have an added advantage because they will come with a mirror sink, towel, and a dispenser. These facilities also depend on the company brand. Maintenance, delivery, and set up fees are applicable in cases where your site is far away from the renting company. Consequently, customers near the renting company enjoy the added advantages as they get the portable units at fair prices. Other companies may lower their prices if you will be renting the porta-potties for a long period.

Porta-potty rentals are helpful in so many situations. However, many people organize events and forget to include them in their budgets. You can virtually use them in any place where there is a congregation of people. They serve a great part in county fairs, events, and local festivals. Some of these events may be taking place in places that have no plumbing facilities. The event planner must know the number of units to be delivered on the date of the event.

The renting company will also help in calculations. The units have to be positioned strategically within the property. Some consider a place that is far from the food areas while others close to the entry and exit gates. Renting companies have professionals who know the best place for their placement and a good number of units that will serve the whole gathering and meet their needs perfectly. Tournaments and competitions porta potties too. They should meet the needs of the great number of people attending; both spectators and participants. It will ease or reduce the long queues at the restrooms. People attend such events for entertainment and hence will need a place to relieve themselves.

In case one is planning for a picnic or a barb que, it's clear that so many people will be attending. Therefore, it is crucial to have porta-potties on the premises. This helps in reducing indoor cleaning and saves much energy that you could use in cleaning the venue after the event. People tend to hold receptions and weddings in their homes to cost cut expenses. Portable toilets will enhance the level of sanitation within your property. This ensures that there is smooth running of the event as people will be visiting the units at their convenience. There is also safe as you cannot allow all the guests to enter the house to relieve themselves. You can position these units at a strategic place and hang a sign to direct your guests on the same.

It’s the company's responsibility to handle all services associated with the portable units. These give a business owner or a homeowner rest and time to handle other activities. Whether you are hosting large events or parties, the company will deliver and install the right number of units and on time. The service provider will also cater for pumping services and collection arrangements when all the guests have left so as not to inconvenience users. Whether you own a business that regularly hosts large events or you are simply a homeowner who has plans for a large event, making certain that the guests are comfortable and have their needs met is part of your responsibility. By taking advantage of porta-potty rentals, you can be sure that the service provider will handle all of the services associated with their products. This allows you to focus your energies on other aspects of the event to make it a success.

Ensure that you have the number of people attending at your fingertips. These will help the renting company calculate the number of units to dispatch. They will also be able to range which kind of porta potties to deliver to the site. This is usually determined by the type of event one is holding and the number of attendees. You need the number of units that will queue and also enhance the levels of sanitation.

Ensure the portable restrooms are deodorized and have sufficient ventilation. This is for the safety and hygiene of your guests and you should not overlook it. It’s so essential to know who will be handling the portable toilets. Be clear of the people who will be there to replace tissue paper, hand sanitizer, and check on the portable toilets. You have to agree with the company on which intervals to clean the toilets, price of maintenance, level of hygiene to maintain, whether to wipe or sanitize, and pressure washing or pumping. You also need to agree on the company’s response to an emergency.

Will portable rentals meet the needs of people with disabilities? This question is crucial when looking for porta-potty rentals. The company should at least provide some units for the disabled so as not to discriminate against them. These are units that a person should access using his or her wheelchair.  Who will conduct hand washing or handle any other areas that need supervision? You should also communicate the location of the site or event in good time. It’s essential to help in determining the location of facilities and plan for delivery.

Know the benefits of acquiring a certain type of portable restroom i.e. choose portable restrooms that will be suitable for the type of guests you are expecting. In the case of executive guests, request for the VIP portable rentals. Know the cost of each and renting prices for different companies. After identifying your needs, it’s good to look for the best supplier. If you rely on websites, you should know the keywords that companies are using. Examples include; porta-potty rentals, portable toilet rentals, portable sanitation, and portable sanitation item on rental. You can also search using the name of the city you are currently staying in. These will get you in touch with surrounding companies offering porta potty rentals. Such brands will get in touch with you within the shortest time possible and offer quality services as per one’s specifications.

If you rely on recommendations, you can inquire about the experience they had with various porta-potty rental services. Once you acquire the right company to deliver and install the portable rentals, you can now handle other activities with a lot of ease. You will have peace of mind as you run the other errands during the event.

Portable toilets give washroom activities where plumbing is inaccessible or the number of washrooms is few. Therefore, you have to handle them with a lot of care. You should know where the responsibility of cleaning lies before going for porta-potty rentals. You need a professional to handle some of these activities. Make sure you agree on the charges upfront to avoid any inconveniences in the future. Find out the cleaning schedule that the company offers. The process will make sure that portable rentals are safe and don’t cause health hazards to users. Most companies carry our regular cleaning services on their units to keep them in good condition to use.

The sanity of the portable rental units is important. The units need regular disinfection to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can course infections. This has to be done before delivery and after pickup of the porta-potty rentals. If you are not comfortable with the services, you go to another rental company. Make thorough checks ups on the units once the company delivers them. Make sure that all locks are working properly. In case of any faults, inform the service provider to make a replacement. This is because if any damage is incurred within the course of the event, it is the responsibility of the customer to repair them. You don’t want to meet such expenditures when it is not your fault.

Porta-potty rentals are essential units that have a crucial role to play in modern life. The units cater to sanitary needs where plumbing is inaccessible or when you have so many people attending an event. The equipment also offers temporary solutions to events that are taking place for a short time. You will get them in different shapes and sizes that are safe and comfortable to use. They meet the needs of everyone in the community i.e. the disabled, children, and even the aged. The secret is to make sure that you are getting the best porta-potty rentals for your guests or workers.

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